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OWS News - Merry Christmas!


Date: 25 December 2015 6:16 am

Merry Christmas!

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OWS News - RU08 HotFix


Date: 6 December 2015 7:36 pm

With the technology limit was raised from 72 to 200 (To allow modders to use more). This had the unintended side effect of causing RU08 (Its a bug in the map that was previously hidden by the limit) to ask the player to do 57 technologies instead of 29 (Which is impossible since there isn't that number of technologies).

The following is a hotfix that can be applied to fix the map:
- OWPatch_2.0.3.5_RU08_Hotfix.rar

Note: Like with every patch released by OWS it can be used on any platform Original War has been released on (Retail, Steam, GOG, etc).

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OWS News - Original War Released


Date: 3 December 2015 5:58 pm

Original War has been released.
- Patch Section

  • Added: Make it so mods can change Gallery parts and add new ones (Issue #116)
  • Added: Add ability to customize SAIL Syntax Highlighting (Issue #120)
  • Added: When creating new Unit re-use old slots (Issue #130)
  • Added: Error Log Tick (Issue #149)
  • Added: Steam Workshop Support (Issue #189)
  • Bug Fix: Am08 (Issue #6)
  • Bug Fix: problemy z intrem Ru (Issue #94)
  • Bug Fix: Am10_cont (Issue #100)
  • Bug Fix: Ru02 (Issue #103)
  • Bug Fix: Multiplayer maps (Issue #105)
  • Bug Fix: Alt tabbing ogl (Issue #106)
  • Bug Fix: OWOGL re-loads some textures before drawing each frame (Issue #113)
  • Bug Fix: GrndSec throws error about multiple OW's (Issue #115)
  • Bug Fix: Clicking on Minimap using OpenGL Renderer doesn't work (Issue #117)
  • Bug Fix: OW Editor Leaks memory when using Raise/Lower Hex (Issue #118)
  • Bug Fix: Contaminating scientist (Issue #122)
  • Bug Fix: Putting driver into sleep with soporific ammunition (Issue #126)
  • Bug Fix: Invalid Hint Types set in Custom Maps do not show correct image (OGL) (Issue #137)
  • Bug Fix: OW Editor allows users to create files with non-standard ASCII characters (Issue #145)
  • Bug Fix: Shift+Exit vehicle bug (Issue #159)
  • Bug Fix: Am13 (Issue #167)
  • Bug Fix: Am02 (Issue #168)
  • Bug Fix: Ru08 (Issue #177)
  • Bug Fix: Too many Anim Layers (Issue #190)
  • Bug Fix: Too many Lasers (Issue #191)
  • Bug Fix: Editor does not display GBI when first imported (Issue #193)
  • Bug Fix: Arabian Layout bug (Issue #194)
  • Bug Fix: Am06 - Fixed minor misspelling.
  • Bug Fix: Am15 - Laggy behaviour was reported
  • Bug Fix: Ru09 - Fixed minor dialogue error (dialogue string was misspelled)
  • Changed: Am05 (Issue #45)
  • Changed: Ru15a + Am15a (Issue #156)
  • Changed: Ru15a + Am15a (Issue #157)
  • Changed: Ru15a + Am15a (Issue #158)
  • Improved: Implement AVI Videos in OpenGL Renderer (Issue #92)
  • Improved: Points of Siberit detection and shipments on minimap (Issue #128)
  • Improved: Modify Server to Pause Game when a client requests more than 1 second worth of Ticks (Issue #151)
  • Improved: Make Randomize SAIL functions unusable in Multiplayer Maps (Issue #160)
  • Improved: Hide "Include"-section in SAIL editor (Issue #169)
  • Improved: Increase max environment objects from 1500 to 5000 (Issue #181)
  • Improved: Make reg_obj2 a dynamic array (Issue #182)

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OWS News - Bohemia Interactive Humble Bundle


Date: 14 July 2015 2:21 pm

You can currently(2 days left) get Original War from the Weekly Humble Bundle for a minimum of $1 (As well as getting 6 other games)


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OWS News - Server Migration has finished


Date: 26 April 2015 12:27 pm

The Server Migration ended today at about 10am UTC+1. Any posts made on the forum (And PM's), changes made to wiki's or bugs reported on the bug tracker during the Migration will no longer exist and will need to be re-made.

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